c4arena is classic game also known as Connect 4 or Four in a Row. Rules are simple. Players take turns dropping discs into columns of game grid. Objective is to place discs in such a way they form straight line. This line could be vertical, horizontal or diagonal and must consist of at least four discs.

You have 15 seconds to make your move. Take your time and place your discs wisely. One way to win is to create scenario where two possible winning moves are available. Opponent can block only one move, therefore you will win when you get to your turn.

You can play online against opponents from around the world or invite your friend. Local multiplayer is available too and you can always play against challenging AI.

Welcome to arena!


Connect 4 is popular around whole world. That might be because of its simplicity. You can teach any child how to play in just few seconds. Perfect for family game sessions. It is also very good brain exercise. Connect 4 teaches logical thinking. If you want to be successful player you need to be patient and predict future moves.

There are many variations of Connect 4. Usually seven column and six row grid is used, however it is possible to use bigger grid. Another variation allows removing bottom pieces. This rule adds more depth to gameplay.

Connect 4 is solved game. Both players have all the information available. First player can always win, if he plays all moves right.


It is believed explorer called Captain Cook spent time playing this game on his voyages. Therefore this game earned name Captain’s Mistress. Captain’s Mistress was copied many times. Milton Bradley (now Hasbro) published this game under name Connect Four in February 1974. This version was designed by Howard Wexler and Ned Strongin.

Artificial Intelligence

C4arena AI uses method called MinMax algorithm. Before computer makes move, it consider all possible moves. Then proceeds to simulate all opponents moves. This process is repeated several times. Result is tree of possible moves. C4arena uses tree with maximum level 5 (process is repeated 5 times). After tree is created, score is assigned to every possible move. This score is evaluated from game state and represents your chance to win. Then AI runs through whole tree and picks move with best score in each branch. When root is reached best move is evaluated.